Whether you need help for a specific issue, or you feel that something just isn’t right, we can work together to identify, understand and sort through your problems. Therapyfolk is a safe, open-minded and positive space where you’ll be listened to without judgement.



I’m a qualified psychotherapist and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), with wide-ranging experience in both private and community-based practice, including The School of Life and the LGBT charity, London Friend.

My approach

Everyone has their own unique story that shapes who they are. But we rarely have the opportunity to tell that story in a setting where we can feel truly heard and accepted, without shame or judgement. I take a Humanistic, person-centred approach to therapy, which simply means we’ll be guided by your needs. Ultimately it’s up to you how long you want to attend therapy for and how deep you want to go. I will be actively involved in the relationship, and will listen to you and support you with empathy and honesty as we explore and address the root of your concerns.

What I can help with

Feeling worried, fearful, a sense of dread, panic attacks
Lack of confidence
Worried about failing, never feeling good enough, feeling judged
Feeling isolated, lonely, empty, tearful, unloved, suicidal
Destructive behaviour
Harming yourself, abusive relationships, alcohol, drugs
Loss, anger, loneliness, sadness and depression
Relationship difficulties
Partners, sexual and emotional intimacy issues, family and friends, colleagues, commitment, jealousy, abuse
Family issues
Partners, children, parenting, separation and divorce, homesickness
Gender and Sexuality
Coming out to yourself and others, exploring your beliefs and attitudes, exploring your sexual identity and questions around your gender identity


Is therapy right for me?


Many people come to therapy when things have become so desperate they don’t know where to turn. Others come because they want to understand themselves better or make positive changes to their life. There is no criteria for whether you need or ‘deserve’ a therapist’s time – therapy is for everyone.

What should I expect from therapy?


At the first session we’ll learn a bit about your needs and your goals for therapy. I’ll answer any questions you have about my approach and my experience and how the sessions will be structured. After that, we’ll work together to understand why you feel the way you do, and develop ways to cope with and make sense of these feelings so that you can live a more fulfilled life. 

Talking about painful and difficult emotions and memories can feel scary or intense, and you may experience unwanted or new feelings. This can be an important part of the process and we can manage the unknown and the unexpected together.

How long are therapy sessions?


All my therapy sessions currently take place on Zoom.

Sessions last 50 minutes. One session per week is optimal, but together we’ll figure out the appropriate frequency of sessions. It’s important to maintain consistency and work with a fixed day and time, although I recognise there may be circumstances that require us to reschedule and negotiate the day and time. 

The session time belongs to you. If you arrive late, I won’t be able to make up the lost time but will of course be able to see you for the remainder of the time available.

If you prefer, I can offer a one-off consultation before you commit to ongoing sessions.

How many sessions will I need?


I offer time-limited therapy as well as longer-term therapy, and the length of treatment will depend on the nature of the issues as well as financial and practical considerations. We may agree on a set number of sessions together or plan on open-ended work. Therapy is an ongoing process that we can adjust to meet your needs as we progress.

If I feel that we should end our work together I will let you know with advanced notice, so we can have a planned ending. If at any point you would like to end the sessions or take a break, for whatever reasons, it’s helpful to talk about it rather than ending therapy abruptly. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your decision and it can be a useful part of the process.

Will you ever share what I say in therapy?


Everything we discuss in therapy is completely confidential. There are some exceptional circumstances where a therapist is required to disclose information, and I will make you aware of these at our first session. 

How much does therapy cost?


Online sessions cost £100 for 50 minutes (the therapy hour). I will invoice you at the end of each month.

What if I need to cancel?


Please let me know in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. My cancellation policy and charges are as follows:

- More than 2 weeks’ notice – no fee
- Less than 2 weeks’ notice – £25 
- Less than 48 hours’ notice – full fee

Fees are not payable if I cancel the session. If you cancel three consecutive sessions without prior agreement, I will be unable to guarantee the ongoing availability of your sessions


Nicholas Pollitt,
07976 357 034